Oracle Finally Killed Sun

Simon was close to the politics of Sun’s “Dash to Open”, my feeling is that Sun had failed before Schwartz was appointed, there was no longer room for differentiated hardware company; Oracle’s failure to monetise the SPARC product line may have been caused by management hubris, but the long term economics of microprocessors and the establishment of distributed & collaborative software technology was key. Sun were late to adopt Plan 9 and making Solaris, an SMP/UMA big iron solution was a cul-de-sac it couldn’t escape from.

I had promised not to write about Sun’s failure, but I am better now.

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With the Solaris team gutted, it looks like the Sun skeleton has finally been picked clean.


The news from the ex-Sun community jungle drums is that the January rumours were true and Oracle laid off the core talent of the Solaris and SPARC teams on Friday (perhaps hoping to get the news lost in the Labor Day weekend). That surely has to mean a skeleton-staffed maintenance-only future for the product range, especially with Solaris 12 cancelled. A classic Oracle “silent EOL”, no matter what they claim as they satisfy their contractual commitments to Fujitsu and others.

With the hardware deprecated, my guess is that’s the last of the Sun assets Oracle acquired dealt with. On acquisition, Ellison was scathing about Sun’s management and sure he was going to max out the opportunity. So just how good were Oracle’s decisions with Sun’s assets? I’m not really following Oracle’s business day-to-day…

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Oracle Finally Killed Sun

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